Peter for Paul

Name: Paul Rushworth

LAST SEEN: Sydney, New South Wales

Missing since: September 2013

Then aged: 46

FUN FACT: Scholarship award-winning Master of Fine Art

Your ice-cream smile at Coogee Beach lulls me to sleep in my loneliness. Again and again, I watch you emerge from the shimmering sea, wiping the water from your face, refreshed and exhilarated. A memory on repeat.  Swimming in the sea beside each other, the togetherness my favourite tonic, you are my friend. My man. My love. I haunt our life now, alone, wondering where you are. Who you’re with. Whether you’re well. And happy.

‘I talk to Paul every night before going to bed; say goodnight, say a prayer for him.’

Thirty years of memories in a city full of echoes, each one a hook in my battered heart. You’re everywhere. Waiting on the steps to see me. Every station. Every corner. At the myriad meeting points we ever met at. I don’t know where the world is keeping you. The sounds I hear at night are harbingers of your return. Each waking night is a vigil for your safety.

A million times I’ve imagined you walking through that door in your jeans and maroon shirt, closing it with a sigh, your pilgrimage over. You’re alive. You’ve come back. And you’re glowing.

I covered every inch of the city, inside and around, and ventured further still to find you. Night after night, I drove, searching like I’d never searched. Hoping like I’d never hoped. Wishing like I’d never wished. It was a valley, not an abyss. And though the darkest valley I’ve ever known, surely it would eventually end – that’s what I told myself. You’d come back. Even if it was just to let me know you’re all right.

They were the first weeks. Months. Years.

And still I wait…


After the story, Loren and Peter discuss the challenges and heartbreak of searching for a loved one that was struggling when they disappeared.


What’s Missing was adapted from MPAN’s book, Too Short StoriesPeter and Paul’s story was written by Jeremy Massey. Get a copy of the book at Too Short Stories.

Hosted by Loren O’Keeffe

Missing Person: Paul Rushworth 
Facebook: @missingpaulrushworth

Additional writing for this episode by Erin Munro

Research by Catherine Seccombe

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